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Megan SHAW Jan 9, 2023 1:14:34 AM 4 min read

The need to regularly review the effectiveness of selected SIEM

As organizations increasingly rely on technology to support their operations and protect their assets, the need for effective cyber security measures has never been greater. One essential tool in the fight against cyber threats is the Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system.

What is a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

A SIEM system is a comprehensive security solution that uses a combination of hardware and software to monitor, analyze, and respond to potential threats. It collects and consolidates data from a wide range of sources, including network logs, system logs, and security devices, to provide a real-time view of the organization's security posture.

Despite the clear benefits of a SIEM system, however, many organizations fail to regularly review and assess the effectiveness of their chosen solution. This can leave gaps in their coverage and prevent them from responding effectively to the latest threats.

To address this issue, it's essential for organizations to regularly review and assess their SIEM implementation.

Factors deciding effectiveness of a SIEM


Configuration and Functioning

The primary assessment making of any SIEM involves conducting regular technical reviews to ensure the system is properly configured and functioning as intended, as well as conducting simulation and testing exercises to assess its ability to detect and respond to threats.

Organizations and Operational Aspects

In addition to these technical considerations, it's also important to regularly evaluate the organizational and operational aspects of the SIEM implementation. This includes reviewing the roles and responsibilities of the SIEM team, the processes and procedures in place for managing and responding to alerts, and the overall effectiveness of the SIEM in supporting the organization's cybersecurity strategy.

By conducting regular reviews and assessments of the SIEM, organizations can identify any gaps or weaknesses in their implementation and take steps to improve its effectiveness. This will help protect the organization from the ever-evolving threat landscape and support its overall cyber security efforts.

The role of SIEM in the context of Cyber Security Strategy

In addition to the technical and operational considerations, organizations must also consider the role of their SIEM solution in the broader context of their cyber security strategy. A SIEM system should be seen not as a standalone tool, but as an integral component of a comprehensive approach to cyber security that includes policies, procedures, training, and other measures.

Effective cyber security requires a holistic and integrated approach that considers the full range of potential threats and vulnerabilities. By regularly reviewing and assessing their SIEM implementation, organizations can ensure that their SIEM solution is properly integrated with their other cyber security measures and is providing the maximum benefit.

Of course, implementing and maintaining a SIEM system is not a simple or inexpensive endeavour. Organizations must carefully consider the costs and benefits of their chosen solution and ensure that it aligns with their broader cyber security strategy. (Read: Why cost is a barrier to good detection)

However, the potential benefits of a well-implemented and effective SIEM system are clear. By providing real-time visibility into the organization's security posture and enabling rapid response to potential threats, a SIEM solution can help protect against cyber attacks and support the organization's overall cyber security efforts.


In conclusion, the need for regular review and assessment of SIEM implementations cannot be overstated. By conducting regular technical, operational, and strategic reviews, organizations can ensure that their SIEM solution is properly configured and functioning as intended, and is providing the maximum benefit in support of their overall cyber security efforts. A well-implemented and effective SIEM system is an essential component of any comprehensive approach to cyber security.


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