DNIF HyperCloud, Single Solution for Security Operations

Designed for extreme scale and visibility to threats.

High Speed Ingestion

Don’t skip a beat, bring in everything. Ingest without limits.

1 Million EPS

DNIF has built the fastest real-time data collection, parsing and enrichment technology stack from scratch. While other SIEMs let you scale upwards to 1TB per day – DNIF lets you start at multiple terabytes per day and scale to petabytes a month.

Got 100K Events Per Second? That’s a breeze for us. We enable scale upwards of 1 Million Events per Second.

Out of the box support for hundreds of enterprise log sources. Native Connectors that let you collect data in any format over any protocol from endpoints, servers and applications – both on-premise and in the cloud.

Time to Value, is ZERO

Go from enabling log sources to detecting campaigns in one signle step.


Every single log that flows through DNIF goes through our AUTODETECTION engine to identify log format and log source type. No configuration needed at any stage of the integration process. Just point your logs to DNIF and forget. It’s that easy.

Key Capabilities You Will Love

The platform is designed to reduce pressures at the security operations center, from administration to incident response, it’s easy.

Uncover Campaigns

The graph engine continuously finds and builds connections between entities seen in monitored telemetry helping you connect the dots and uncover complex threats faster. Connecting signals provides more context, reduces the alert pressure and allows analysts to make decisions faster.

Connected Signals

MITRE ATT&CK Alignment

Detection content is annotated with confidence levels, killchain and TTP mapping aligned with the MITRE ATT&CK framework. One platform that tells you your detection coverage.

And There is More

Critical features that will help you shorten the curve to value.


Schema on Read

Parse and extract fields from raw events at run time, apply retrospectively


It's HOT for 365 Days

There is nothing called Warm / Cold Storage, everything is HOT for 365 Day


Multi-Stage Logic

Use pipelines to call in multiple logic blocks, create multi stage use cases


500+ Use Cases

Families of use cases, constantly evolving to match the changing threat landscape


Multi Cloud Support

Connect to multiple cloud service providers and stream events in real-time


No Code ML

Out of the box content to detect outliers using no code machine lerarning



Download a full featured, unrestrictred copy of the DNIF Community Edition. Use it for anything you want, as long as you want.