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Megan SHAW Feb 19, 2023 8:53:08 PM 4 min read

How UEBA helps Organization Identify & Prioritize Potential Threats

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  • Introduction
  • How UEBA helps Identify & Prioritize Potential Threats?
  • Conclusion



User and Entity Behavioral Analytics (UEBA) is a type of security technology that uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze and identify potential threats within an organization. It has the capability of detecting sophisticated cyber threats that usually goes undetected with traditional security tools. By continuously monitoring user and entity behavior, UEBA can help security teams identify and prioritize potential security risks before they become serious issues.

UEBA can detect advanced level security threats by harnessing machine learning capabilities and advanced analytics that detects suspicious user behavior and anomalies in devices connected to the network that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Covering more on this in depth, we have explained how UEBA helps detect threats and how using this technology benefits organizations in terms of strengthening their security posture. Read along to learn some of the key features of UEBA highlighted below that suggest how UEBA helps strengthen the security posture:

How UEBA helps Identify & Prioritize Potential Threats?

1. Identifies Suspicious Behavior

One of the key benefits of UEBA is its ability to identify unusual or suspicious behavior that may indicate a potential threat. This can include things like abnormal access to sensitive data, strange login patterns, or unusual network activity. By flagging this behavior, UEBA can alert security teams to potential threats and help them prioritize their response.

2. Provides Context To Data

Another advantage of UEBA is its ability to provide context to the data it collects. Traditional security systems often generate a large volume of alerts, but it can be difficult for security teams to determine which alerts are the most serious. UEBA, on the other hand, uses machine learning algorithms to analyze behavior patterns and provide context to the data it collects, making it easier for security teams to prioritize their response.

3. Identifies Insider Threats

UEBA can also help organizations identify potential insider threats. Employees and other insiders can pose a significant risk to an organization's security, but it can be difficult to identify these threats using traditional security tools. UEBA, on the other hand, can help organizations identify unusual behavior within their own networks, helping them to detect and prevent insider threats before they can do significant damage.

4. Insight to  Security Posture

Furthermore, UEBA can provide valuable insights that can help organizations improve their overall security posture. By continuously analyzing user and entity behavior, UEBA can identify areas where security can be strengthened and provide recommendations for improving security protocols. This can help organizations stay one step ahead of potential threats and keep their sensitive data and assets safe.

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In today's increasingly complex and dynamic threat landscape, organizations need to be proactive in their approach to security. UEBA provides a valuable tool that can help security teams identify and prioritize potential threats, providing them with the information they need to keep their organizations safe. As UEBA technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more organizations adopting this technology to protect their sensitive data and assets.

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