Workbook Functions

The following table describes the various icons on the Workbook page.


Field Description
image 1-Dec-01-2023-07-11-36-0557-AM Used to add Workbook parameters
image 2-Dec-01-2023-07-12-40-8402-AM Used to revoke the executed query.
image 3-Dec-01-2023-07-13-32-8304-AM Used to save the Workbook
image 4-Dec-01-2023-07-14-10-7127-AM Delete a Workbook
image 5-Dec-01-2023-07-15-23-2074-AM Used to download a Workbook
image 6-Dec-01-2023-07-16-02-1921-AM Used to schedule a Workbook
Introduced in v9.1.1

UNET sync is a process that is running on core and it automatically syncs your workbooks every 30 minutes.