View Reports

Reports are an elegant way to represent any type of data. In our case, we see a lot of log-based information from various devices in our console. This data can sometimes become a nightmare to understand. So we have come up with a simple, yet effective, process to create reports within our console.

How to View Reports?

  • Click the Reports icon on the left navigation bar, it will display the list of existing Reports.

  • The Manage Report list screen displays the following fields and its details:
Field Name Description
Report Name Displays the list of saved reports, click this report name to view the particular Report.
Author Displays the name of the user who created this Report
Created On Displays the date and time when this report was created
image 1-Dec-21-2023-06-27-32-6478-AM Use this icon to schedule the report
image 2-Dec-21-2023-06-27-42-7354-AM Use this icon to invoke the report and send it to an email address
image 3-Dec-21-2023-06-27-52-9778-AM Use this icon to delete the specific Report
image 4-Dec-21-2023-06-28-04-0040-AM Use this icon to download the report.
image 5-Dec-21-2023-06-28-16-8387-AM Use this to search for a specific report
image 6-Dec-21-2023-06-28-28-1901-AM Use this icon to import a specific report
image 7-Dec-21-2023-06-28-46-3012-AM Use this to refresh the Reports list page
image 8-Dec-21-2023-06-29-02-5924-AM Use the icon to preview the report.

Report allows you to add and arrange multiple tables, widgets to analyze up-to-date information so they can make smarter, data-driven decisions.