Trend Micro

This article describes the steps to configure log forwarding for Trend Micro.

  1. Navigate to Administration > Settings > Syslog Settings. The Syslog Settings screen is displayed.
  2. Select the Enable syslog forwarding checkbox.
  3. Configure the following settings for the server that receives the forwarded syslogs:
    1. Server address: Syslog server IP address or host name
    2. Port: Syslog server port number
    3. Protocol: Select the transmission protocol
  4. Select the log format:
    1. CEF: Uses the standard Common Event Format (CEF) for log messages
  5. Select the log type(s) to forward:
    1. Select a log category from the Log type drop-down list
    2. Select the checkbox(es) for the log(s) you want to forward.
  6. Apex Central displays the total number of selected log types next to the Log type drop-down list.
  7. Click Test Connection to test the server connection. The syslog server connection status appears at the top of the screen.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Apex Central starts forwarding logs to DNIF

Official Documentation: Click here / Supported Log Types and Formats