Schedule a report


The following are the steps to schedule a report:

  • Click the Reports icon on the left navigation bar, it will display the list of existing Reports.

  • Click Schedule icon, against the report name you want to schedule.


The following parameters are available for Scheduling a report:

Time Range Description
Run Daily Schedule on a daily basis at a particular time
Run Weekly Schedule on a weekly basis at a particular time. You can schedule it for multiple days in a week.
Run Monthly Schedule on a monthly basis at a particular date and time
Run Cron (Custom) Enter the required Cron Value to be scheduled. The cron value should be entered in format.
    For example, 21 4 1 2 1
  • 21 represents minutes
  • 4 represents hours
  • 1 represents date of the month
  • 2 represents month
  • 1 represents day of the week
    • Here in the above example, the scheduler will run at 4:21 on 1st February, 2021 (Monday
Timezone Select the timezone as per your local time zone.
  • Click Schedule, to schedule a report and update the details in the report list page.

For more examples refer the following table:

Minute Hour Date of the Month Month Day of the Week Result
21 4 * 2 * The scheduler will run at 4:21 on 1st February, 2021 (Monday)
21 4 * 2 3 The scheduler will at 4:21 on 3rd February, 2021 (Wednesday
  • If the value is left as . * * * * * then the cron will be scheduled to run after every minute.
  • If the fields for date, year, and day are mentioned as * then it will be scheduled for that set time everyday.
  • If the fields for month and day of the week are mentioned as *, then the cron will be scheduled for the particular date and time every month.
  • If only the day of the week is mentioned as *, the cron will be scheduled for the particular date of the month.
  • Example: 00 01 * 10 * . If the time is set to 1:00 on October and the fields of date and day of the week are marked as *. In this case it will be scheduled to run at 1:00 am. on 1st of October 2020.
  • Click the unschedule button to cancel a scheduled report.

image 2-Dec-21-2023-06-52-57-5210-AM

You can reschedule or unschedule a report. Click the Schedule icon, Schedule report window will be displayed, update details here and click Reschedule or click Unschedule to stop the scheduling process of that particular report.