Release Notes v9.3.0

Release Date: 24/11/2022

What's New

  1. Introduced Signal KB (Knowledge Base) under Signal Block, to write an overview using Markdown syntax.
  2. Chain multiple DQL queries can be performed using the output of previous DQL query as IN clause query parameter in the next query.
  3. Refreshing update makes the Console incrementally more appealing.
  4. New Checkif Pipe introduced, to verify if the value obtained is present in the eventstore or not.
  5. AWS S3 Connectors now use cross-account role mechanism
  6. Cases now have easy to read IDs in the format CASE-XXX format as in traditional ITSM tools
  7. Introduced new workflow to configure data sources
  8. Following new visualizations has been added:
    • Availability timeline
    • Bipartite chord diagram
    • Bubble chart
  9. New Connector: Github and Shopify Connector has been added
  10. Signals raised from ML models now work with Signals Context