Office 365

This document includes troubleshooting recommendations and procedures that can help you solve problems arising from the configuration and usage of connectors.

Perform the following checks:

  1. Ensure the following prerequisites are met.
    • Verify Office 365 management API credentials. The credentials include Tenant Id, Client key, Secret key, and Tenant domain.
    • Navigate through Azure Management Portal > Azure Active Directory > Manage > Properties, to find Tenant ID.
    • Verify if the Tenant domain name is valid. The domain resembling Office 365 tenant name will end with
    • Check if application is registered on Azure Management Portal using the tenant credentials.
    • Verify the ownership roles assigned to access Microsoft Office 365 Management APIs.
    • In the API permissions window, check if Grant admin consent for <tenant name> is enabled.
    • Check if Client secret has been generated successfully.
    • Verify if auditing is enabled under the compliance center.
  2. Verify if a firewall or network is blocking the traffic to O365.
  3. Check the credentials entered while configuring O365 connector.