Manage Users

User Management is the process of creating and maintaining a user store. User management establishes a user’s authorization to access secure resources, it also serves as a repository of identities and is the source of all identities in an organization. Access control is applied to regulate who can view or use resources in a particular environment.

Cluster Administrator

  • The user created at the First time UI stage will be the Cluster Administrator.
  • A Cluster Administrator is the Super Administrator and will manage all the scopes that fall under the Cluster.
  • The user roles are assigned and managed by Cluster Administrators across all the scopes.


  • Times Group has multiple subsidiaries that are managed by them such as Times Music, Times Internet, Times Business Solutions etc.
  • In this case, a DNIF Deployment Scenario could be Time Group as a cluster and the various subsidiaries as various scopes within the Times Group cluster.

How to view Managed Users?

Hover on the Administrator (lock) icon on the left navigation panel and select Manage Users, the following page will be displayed.

image 1-Dec-01-2023-10-33-59-3410-AM


The above page displays the following details.


Field Description
Organization/User Name Displays the Organization /Username of the added user
Email id Displays the email address of the user
Created on Displays the date and time when the user was created.
Last Login Displays the date and time when this user last logged in.
image 2-Dec-01-2023-10-34-44-8233-AM Click this to view the details of the user activity along with the following details, you can click on each row to view the details of the user activity.
  • Created on: Displays when the user was created
  • Source: Displays the IP Adress from where the user activity was initiated
  • Action: Displays the action performed by the user
  • User: Displays the username of the user who performed the activity

image 3-Dec-01-2023-10-35-00-0021-AM

Click this to refresh the user list

image 4-Dec-01-2023-10-35-25-1865-AM

Click this to search for a particular user

image 5-Dec-01-2023-10-37-56-4914-AM

Click this to add a new user