Password Policy

This document will share the details regarding Password Policy which have been applied to each user who has access to the DNIF console. It describes the acceptable standards for password construction and management.

Password Complexity Policies:

Complexity Rules

To create strong passwords, the password should have a minimum of eight(8) characters and a maximum of thirty(30) characters. It should also include at least one character from each mandatory characteristics:

Mandatory Characteristics

  • Upper Case (A-Z)
  • Lower Case (a-z)
  • Numeric (0-9)
  • Special Characters (!.@,#&*%)

Password Repetitions

This policy states that you will not be permitted to repeat the last three passwords.

Password Reset

This policy states that only an Organization Administrator can reset your password.

Inactive Session Timeout

This policy states that you will be logged out of the session, if you are idle for a continuous 60 minutes.