Invoke/Revoke a report

  • To invoke a report, click the play button on the Manage Report list page, Add recipients pop up will be displayed.

image 1-Dec-21-2023-06-55-16-5174-AM

  • Enter an email address and click Send to invoke the report, a time indicator will be displayed indicating that the report is being executed in the background.

image 2-Dec-21-2023-06-55-27-8024-AM

  • Hover on this time indicator and a red cross mark will be displayed, click on the red cross mark.

image 3-Dec-21-2023-06-55-44-5871-AM

  • A pop-up will be displayed as follows

image 4-Dec-21-2023-06-55-55-3374-AM

  • Click Revoke to cancel the report from being executed or click Cancel to continue with the report.
Introduced in v9.1.1

UNET sync is a process that is running on core and it automatically syncs your reports every 30 minutes.