How to add a Connector?

This section helps you to add connectors such as TLS, AWS, or Box based on your requirement.

  • Login to DNIF Console using valid credentials.
  • Hover on the Administration icon on the left sidebar of the Home screen, from the option displayed select Manage Components, the following screen will be displayed.

image 1-Dec-21-2023-12-53-45-5667-PM

  • Click the Component name against the Adapter component, health page will be displayed, the connectors list is displayed at the bottom of the page.

image 2-Dec-21-2023-12-53-57-6151-PM

  • Click the plus icon in yellow to add new connectors, Select the required connector, enter the connector configurations and save the details. 
Introduced in v9.1.1

UNET sync is a process that is running on core and it automatically syncs your connectors every 30 minutes.