Enrich DevSrcIP with Asset Store

DNIF receives logs from multiple log sources like hosts, devices, connectors, etc. Each of these log sources are tagged with a Device Source IP to denote the source of these logs with the field $DevSrcIP.

To get more information about the values in DevSrcIP field, an enrichment bucket can be created which refers to data from an eventstore for Assets to extract more information about the source device.

Let's consider an example, the event store AssetStore has data imported from a csv file. Displayed below is a sample csv file.


Upload a custom eventstore

A custom event store called AssetStore can be created by uploading the .csv file containing source device data. The event store that you created will be listed as shown below:

An enrichment bucket for the field $DevSrcIP can be created to refer values from the AssetStore eventstore.

Define a custom Enrichment Bucket

The enrichment bucket would identify the additional details of a specific $DevSrcIP in the log events coming from different sources.

The yaml format is as follows:

bucket: IPv4
- DevSrcIP
schema-version: 1.0
- enr_key: '{$DevSrcIP}'
AssetGroup: AssetGroup
AssetName: AssetName
AssetOwner: AssetOwner
eventstore: AssetStore
sourcetype: event_store
Field Description
Bucket Enter the name for the enrichment bucket.
Fields Enter the field names to be enriched.
schema-version Enter the schema version
Source List of sources for the enrichment bucket. 

Note: There can be multiple sources for one enrichment bucket
  • Source Type: Enter the source type i.e. dql/sql/eventstore
  • Eventstore: For this scenario, enter the eventstore name.
  • Enr_key: Enter the desired value to be detected in output representation. For example, ‘{DevScrcIP}’
  • Enr_values
      • Translate: Allows you to replace the column names of the query result.

Save the enrichment bucket.

Run a Search

To check if enrichment has been added successfully, run a search on data to fetch enriched details. Enrichment will be applied to the field values mentioned in the enrichment bucket of yml file.

In the above screen, you can view the asset name, owner and group that correlates to the $DevSrcIP field.

From the query result, you can further drill down to each entity in the result by clicking on the Information icon and verify the enriched details.