Asset Store

Asset Store integration is used to lookup on custom event stores uploaded to DNIF for various Hosts in an organization.


  • The custom event store must contain a column named $Host in the event store data.


The following configuration should be done for Asset Store.

Field  Description
Host Event Store Name Enter valid Event Store Name for Host
  • Enter the above details and click Save.

Lookup integrated with Asset Store

Retrieve Host Details

The Host for which you want to retrieve details from the event store.




  • The HostDetails is a custom event store created to demonstrate this example.
  • Run a Search


The Search query retrieves the $DevSrcIP field for each event in the HostDetails (custom) eventstore.


_lookup host_store get_host_info $DevSrcIP
In the pipelined query function, the _lookup directive calls the get_host_info function of the host_store plugin. $DevSrcIP is passed as a parameter to the function. This output contains details about the Device such as the Asset name, Asset Owner, Asset Group and so on. The output is as shown below:


The Lookup call returns output based on the available data in the event store.