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Megan SHAW Nov 16, 2022 1:22:45 AM 4 min read

It's time to modernize your SOC

Today’s Security Operations Centre (SOC) needs the right tools along with the right technology to make sense of the colossal amounts of alerts that are generated regularly. It is baffling that once upon a time, SOC used to comprise only ONE person, sitting in front of the computer to detect and investigate threats. 

But, times have changed. While SOC has come a long way, it needs a few more things. Let’s understand how you can modernize your SOC and keep up with the times. 

Transitioning to the cloud

Most organizations are making the shift to cloud infrastructure and you should too. In today’s new normal and remote way of working, the cloud is much more efficient for delivering security protection within the enterprise and managing ever-changing policies. It also helps in adopting new architectures such as Zero Trust, without much hassle. 

SOC analysts don’t need to be on the same premise anymore. Next-generation remote SOCs have virtually no gaps in business resilience, compliance, and security. 

At DNIF, we understood the importance of being on the cloud. Our solution is a cloud-native SIEM, UEBA, and SOAR build to discover threat campaigns and cut analyst overhead. Get a product tour

What comes after the cloud?

Moving to the cloud is the beginning of the journey - but it does not stop there. You need some more elements, which are: 

  • Automation: Let’s face it: SOC analysts don’t have the bandwidth to respond to every alert. Automation is gaining a lot of significance recently as it facilitates streamlining processes, eliminating mistakes due to manual errors, and prioritizing threats. Automation is not used to replace analysts and admins, it augments their work and helps them focus on more crucial tasks rather than routine ones. They can focus on high-alert risks and take appropriate actions. The cybersecurity industry is also facing a skills shortage, so using automation wherever possible is the way to go. 
  • AI and ML: Organizations are now depending on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to scale their attacks. If your SOC is still not advanced enough, you are falling behind. By using AI and ML, you leverage intelligent correlation that helps in reducing alert fatigue and false positives. Together, automation and built-in intelligence can accelerate threat response within the company. 
  • Shared intelligence: Sharing of information is essential for remote workforces. SOC teams can access real-time information and understand the root cause of suspicious activity with advanced threat protection. Your SIEM should be able to populate information automatically with signals from all over the world. Today, companies need an integrated, end-to-end platform that delivers holistic intelligence and visibility across all environments. This further reduces response time and helps SOC teams in mitigating potential damage. 

The simplest way to achieve SOC modernization is to keep changing with the times and leveraging a platform that has these capabilities built in and is cloud-native.

To scale threat detection and improve accuracy, you need to invest in a SIEM solution like DNIF HYPERCLOUD for maximum visibility. We use connected signals to reduce 300 threats into 6 to 8 threat clusters or campaign visualizations. Our approach is modernized, and innovative and focuses on automation, AI and ML, and advanced threat detection. 

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